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Promoting bluegrass music in California, Arizona, Nevada and beyond for 40+ years. 

We’re a large organization of bluegrass pickers and grinners.

Who take part in and promote Bluegrass music events in the Southwestern United States. The Southwest Bluegrass Association brings people together for the preservation, enjoyment, and advancement of bluegrass music.

Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) Is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

SWBA’s Mission

  Improving public appreciation of bluegrass, and the music’s contribution to American heritage.  Our members attend and encourage others to support local attendance at bluegrass events.

 Assisting other organizations, event promoters and any others involved with bluegrass music, to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of this music.

  Instructing, conducting educational and promotional activities which will advance and appreciate our American music heritage and culture. To develop school-based activities and events that will introduce young people to take part in bluegrass music.
To promote and sponsor local bluegrass music and family oriented events.


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