Bluegrass In Schools

Bluegrass In Schools

The Southwest Bluegrass Association proudly Sponsors the Bluegrass In Schools Program and the “SWBA Bluegrass Kids”.

Bluegrass In Schools

 SWBA volunteers are now conducting a school program that brings bluegrass music and instruments into the classroom. The SWBA Bluegrass In Schools Program is designed to introduce Bluegrass, an American form of acoustic music to the next generation.

Since 2006, the “SWBA Bluegrass Kids” students from our school program. Have attended music events and festivals accompanied by Eric Nordbeck. Their instructor and SWBA School Program Chairperson. They have appeared before a very responsive and enthusiastic audience at a number of music events and festivals.

The SWBA Bluegrass In Schools Program – SWBA Bluegrass Kids

Uses donated instruments and funds for repairs, strings, tuners, picks, and cases.

 Anyone who wishes to donate an instrument to the program may do so by contacting SWBA.  Click Here

The Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation,

Donation may be tax-deductible. 

All funds contributed to the School Program go to a special bank account set up exclusively for that purpose and not used for any other SWBA expenses.

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SWBA members support and promote bluegrass music and those involved in it.