A Lonesome Road to Travel

A Lonesome Road to Travel.

I bid farewell to my home so dear.
And started down life’s road.
I was a fortune seeking miner dear.
Many things had been my goal.

There’s many things I’ve seen in life.
I thought I’d like to own.
But I’d give them all and more if I
Could get off this lonesome road.

It’s a lonesome road to travel on.
Many miles of sorrow is all I’ve known.
But I’ve gone too far to turn back now.
From this lonesome lonesome road.

I left behind a love that’s true.
She cried and begged me not to go.
But my foolish pride told me what to do.
And put me on this lonesome road.

Oh such lonely nights I’ve never found.
No time in life before.
If she takes me back I’ll settle down.
And travel this road no more.