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 Information about SWBA the Southwest Bluegrass Association our history and SWBA’s Mission to Improve public appreciation of Bluegrass music.

Promoting bluegrass music events in California, Arizona, Nevada and beyond for 40+ years.


Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) Is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

We’re a large organization of bluegrass pickers and grinners.

Who take part in and promote Bluegrass music events in the Southwestern United States. The Southwest Bluegrass Association brings people together for the preservation, enjoyment, and advancement of bluegrass music.

This is done through festivals and events, Bluegrass in Schools program, concerts, camp out’s, jams, and workshops. SWBA promotes bluegrass music events with The Bluegrass Soundboard a bi-monthly newsletter, social media, and our website

InformationThe Southwest Bluegrass Association is a Proud Member of the  International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA)

 History  Information of the Southwest Bluegrass Association

To the best of our knowledge, the Southern California Inland Bluegrass Association (SCIEBA) founded in 1975 by Don Tucker, Charlie Reid, Art Tate and possibly one or more others. Their mission was to give information about bluegrass music, events, and festivals to the public. With their dedication to bluegrass music & hard work, the association began to grow in membership.

Setting up a table at festivals like Calico Spring Festival, Norco, Topanga, Julian, Idlewild, and Huck Finn Jubilee. In the 80’s, SCIEBA started to add members from all over the USA, and in 87-88 the association name changed to the Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA). Over the last 40 years, SWBA has grown to one of the largest bluegrass organization in the US, Thanks to a long list of dedicated Southwest Bluegrass Association members who have volunteered and put in many hours promoting the music we love and making the Southwest Bluegrass Association what it is today!

The Southwest Bluegrass Association is wholly supported by membership fees, fundraising, and donations.

That provide funds for sponsored events, concerts, our website, bi-monthly newsletter and bluegrass in schools.

SWBA organized under the California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law. As a charitable, educational, historical and tax-exempt public corporation.  The Southwest Bluegrass Association is not organized for the private gain of any person or persons.

The Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, and donation may be tax-deductible. 

SWBA members support and promote bluegrass music and those involved in it.

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